In Love With Sicily

Some people tend to think of Sicily as a chaotic and sometimes intimidating place. To be honest, I was a little bit hesitating to take the family there. “Think positive”, I urged myself. Sicily is after all a must-see destination, the land where Mediterranean’s greatest civilizations flourished, leaving behind unique monuments. When at school, I was deeply fascinated by the history of “Magna Graecia”, the Great Greece! As I was booking our flights, my mind was already traveling towards the glorious, greater-than-life ancient sites of Syracuse and Agrigento.

The flight from Helsinki to Catania went smoothly. I love Finnair for its friendly service, attention to details, beautiful design and tasty food they serve. Next stop: Modica. We were very lucky to find a modern, 1-bedroom, fully renovated, 2-story house in Modica, just a short drive from the sea and near Syracuse. The people that run the properties are fantastic! (

The brand new highway from Catania to Syracuse runs through a rather uneventful scenery of arid bushland, steep cliffs at a far distance and a massive industrial zone along the coast. After an hour’s drive, we exited the highway and started climbing inland. To our contempt, the Iblean plateau where Ispica, Modica, Noto and Ragusa are located, consists of colorful patches of cultivated land. Among the citrus and olive trees, you get glimpses of majestic estates, only to vanish again behind lush gardens. Suddenly, a deep canyon cuts the plateau, and there she is: Modica! The view of the baroque town rising amphitheatrically from the floor of the valley is breathtaking, almost untrue. Modica greets you with the flair of an aristocratic grand dame, elegant and welcoming at the same time. This is when our love story with Sicily began!


Modica Alta


Modica Bassa


Modica Bassa


Modica Bassa


Modica Bassa

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    • Thank you for being my first commenter! Unfortunately, our visit was short and many places remained unseen. Agrigento, for instance. We might though be able to return next autumn. Cheers!

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