Fab stickers with Traveller's Tree logo

Traveller’s Tree – Now also on stickers!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! My dear friends Jussi and Susanna Vento made these cool stickers for my blog:

Fab stickers with Traveller's Tree logo

Fab stickers with Traveller’s Tree logo

These great stickers are actually multipurpose. For example, they can be used as a sleep mask on your flight from Europe to LA. Stick them on and feel the envy of your fellow passengers.

Traveller's Tree Sleep Mask

Traveller’s Tree Sleep Mask

They can also be used as blog enhancement patches and hair removals at the same time. Stick them on and write mind-blowing texts that will make your readers go absolutely bonkers about your blog. The more you put the better the results.

Traveller's Tree patches

Traveller’s Tree patches


13 thoughts on “Traveller’s Tree – Now also on stickers!

  1. You are way too funny. You could also sell them to pharmaceutical companies where they could add medications and use them as patches. ‘Let Traveller’s Tree help you kick the smoking habit!’ or ‘Feeling some chest pain? Traveller’s Tree can take care of that with his nitroglycerine patch. Save yoru life and look cool at the same time.’

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