Poros, Greece

From Helsinki to Poros – The journey

4 a.m. Charlize Theron

The alarm clock goes off the exact moment Charlize Theron comes out of the pool and reaches for her towel. “We are going to Greece, mpampà! Wake Up!”, I hear my daughter shouting into my ear. “My apologies Charlize. I am taking the family to Greece today”, I murmured half-asleep. “Who is Charlize?” asks my wife. “Charlize? What Charlize?” I answer and rush into the only room of the house, where a man feels secure and in peace: the bathroom.

Helsinki, Finland

Departing Helsinki for Greece on a grey autumn morning.

7:00 a.m. On the plane with granny

The long journey to Athens and further on to the island of Poros begins.  Our SAS flight from Helsinki is on time, so no need to worry about catching our connection in Copenhagen.

By the way, have I told you how much I love SAS? Their A321s might look “tired” with interiors that show their age, but this is exactly what makes them feel warm and cosy. Every time I board a Scandinavian Airlines A321, I have this strange feeling that I am going to find “pappa” sitting in the cockpit and “mamma” baking blueberry muffins in the galley. Almost like visiting the in-laws in Skåne on summer holidays.

Airbus A321, SAS

A similar plane to the one we flew from CPH to ATH

1 p.m. Athens, Greece

Arrival in Athens International Airport after a hot and sweaty flight that became even more sweaty, when I found out I had forgotten to put deodorant on. Picture this: the plane door opens, my fellow passengers rush out of the aircraft en masse, gasping for fresh air, then there comes me keeping my hands as closed to my body as possible, followed in a short distance by the embarrassed family of the gigantic and smelly penguin.

1:30 p.m. Refueling with spanakopitas

1:30 p.m. Stocking up at the arrival hall with everything that has “pita” (Greek word for pie) as a suffix, i.e. “spanakopita”, “tiropita”, “prasopita”, “hortopita” etc.

2 p.m. Athens – Poros

En route to Poros by car. Now you probably think that Vasilis has become a little bit funny up there. “How can he get to an island by car?” And the guy who loves to play smart goes: “Poros is situated only a 5 minute boat ride from the town of Galatas on mainland Greece or the Peloponnese, to be exact. What many people do is to drive to Poros, a journey that takes about 2,5 hrs: 1,5 hrs on the Athens-Korinthos highway and the remaining 60 minutes through one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, Argolis. Although the catamaran from Piraeus takes you to Poros in less than 1,5 hrs, driving there is definitely more rewarding”.

Poros, Greece

On our taxi boat for the final hop to Poros.

5 p.m. Ouzo time

Arrival to our self-catering accommodation in Poros. Exhausted but happy. Everything went fine, apart from my deodorant “incident”. Our stomachs filled with delicious pies, I am pouring two ouzos for my better half and myself, and an orange juice for the little princess. Sitting  on the terrace of the house that will be our home for the next four days, I am thinking: Can it really get  any better than this?

Poros, Greece

Sunset in Poros.

More stories of dubious quality on Poros will follow soon, so stick around!

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      Thanks for the “like” Johanna! Oh, I am sure you would have fallen in love with Poros and the surrounding area. I could sit on our verandah for hours and just watch the sailing boats come and go.

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