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Sustainable Tourism [Infographic by travellerstree]

Rantapallo, Finland’s most popular travel media, organized yesterday a travel bloggers’ evening on “Sustainable  Tourism”. The key speakers were Julia Jänis (Chairperson of the Finnish Association for Fair Tourism) and Tytti McVeigh (Project Manager of the Finnish Association for Fair Tourism).

The Finnish Association for Fair Tourism is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded in February 2003. It’s purpose is to promote responsible tourism and educate travelers and tourism operators about the principles of fair tourism.

Please find below an infographic I created based on last night’s presentations:


If you are interested to learn more on sustainable tourism, please check the following sites for tips on how to become a conscious traveler.








http://www.reilumatkailu.fi (in Finnish)

I would be very glad to hear your thoughts on sustainable tourism. When you plan your trips, do you take into consideration the sustainability of local communities and environment? Are there certain things you do in order to minimize possible negative impact?

Download this infographic.

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6 thoughts on “Sustainable Tourism [Infographic by travellerstree]

  1. Very informative post. The more information that is out there then the easier it will be to make sustainable choices. Interesting comment about the large hotels. I do tend to avoid them, myself. I’ve found that owner operated accommodation provides a much better experience overall. Not only are the profits going directly to the community but I’ve found they are more able to provide information or make suggestions that are particular to my needs and interests.
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    • VasilisM

      I couldn’t agree more Jill. Choosing establishments that are dedicated to sustainability and truly care for the local community and the environment is crucial. I was shocked to read that for example in Turkey, only 10% of tourist spend from all-inclusive holidays found its way into the regional economy, with even less reaching the immediate local area (http://tourismconcern.org.uk/all-inclusives/).

    • VasilisM

      We can and should do better than that! The negative impacts on local communities and their natural environment could be irreversible, if we don’t change our attitude towards traveling. Costas Christ from National Geographic Traveler said it very well: “The question is no longer whether sustainable tourism can deliver on its promise of making the world a better place—it can and does. Now the question is, how far can we take it?”

  2. What an impact those percentages have when looked at as an infographic! Thank you for the links to sustainable tourism resources: the more we travelers know about our impact and how to explore our world while protecting it for the next generation, the more we can do individually. Also, thank you so much for your visit and kind words!
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