Things to Do in Poros, Greece

Top Six Activities in Poros

Part of the Argo-Saronic island group, spectacular Poros is an ideal holiday destination, thanks to its proximity to Athens and some of Greece’s most important sights. Check out my list of Top Six Activities in Poros.

Top Six Activities in Poros 

 1. Mingle with the sailing crowd in Poros Town

Poros is actually two islands (Sferia & Kalavria) connected by a bridge over a narrow channel. Poros Town, the island’s capital, is located on Sferia. A 450m-wide strait, busy with fishing boats, catamarans and sailing yachts, separates Sferia from mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. There are frequent ferry services that operate the 10-minute crossing from the town of Galatas on the mainland to Poros Town.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Poros Town and the narrow strait separating the island from mainland Greece

Poros Town is a charming place dotted with magnificent neoclassical buildings.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Neoclassical buildings, Poros Town, Greece

The town’s waterfront-lined with fish taverns, cafés and bars-is a lively meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Thanks to its natural, well-protected harbour, Poros is popular among sailing boat entousiasts, mainly from Scandinavia.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Sailing boats, Poros Town, Greece

2. Check your knowledge of ancient Greek history at the Archaeological Museum

Towards the southern end of the quay is the town’s Archeological Museum.  Its collection includes finds from the excavations of the Swedish Archaeological Institute at the sanctuary of Poseidon, located on the sister-island of Kalavria.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Archaeological Museum, Poros, Greece

3. Climb the stairs to the Clock Tower and brag about it on social media

If you are a devoted fan of stair-climbing and picture-perfect sunsets, then you shouldn’t miss the town’s famous landmark, the Clock Tower (built in 1927). Although the tower itself looks abandoned and in dire need of renovation, the panoramic views are fantastic.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Clock Tower, Poros Town, Greece

4. Work on your tan in one of the island’s many beaches

Regardless its small size, Poros has a descent selection of beaches to choose from, the majority of which are located on Kalavria.

An all-time favorite especially among families with children, is “Askeli Beach” with plenty of restaurants and accommodation types to choose from. We were there in October and had the beach practically to ourselves.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Askeli Beach, Poros, Greece

If you are after something smaller and more picturesque, then head to the coves of “Love Bay”, “Aliki” or “Monastiri”. Keep in mind though that during the summer months and especially on weekends, finding a spot to lay your towel, might prove challenging to say the least.

Top Six Activities in Poros

Love Bay, Poros, Greece (“Green beach” by Agnee – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

5. Did you say Russian Naval Base?

Worth visiting is also the “Russian Bay” in the west part of Kalavria, a small cove that witnessed an interesting twist in the island’s history. There you will find the remains of an old Russian Naval Base dating from the late 18th century.

Top five activities in Poros

Russian Bay, Poros, Greece (“Poros12” by Joyradost – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

6. Enjoy a glass of ouzo on the rocks

If you have visited Greece, you most probably know that enjoying a glass of ouzo at dusk, is an essential ritual of the day and the perfect start for a night out.

Getting to Poros

You can either take the catamaran from Piraeus (takes around 1 hour) or hire a car from Athen’s International Airport and drive to Galatas (2,5 hours).

Getting around in Poros

There are frequent bus services from Poros Town to some of the beaches. Taxi rides are reasonably priced and in most cases, rates are fixed. There are scooter rentals in town. If you prefer to rent a car, there are rentals in Galatas on the mainland. Finding a parking place in Poros Town could be a nightmare though. Do yourselves a favor and do not rent a quad bike. They are noisy and very difficult to control. You have been warned.

Where to stay in Poros

We stayed in Limeri, a self-catering unit with fully-equipped kitchen, shared pool and the best views one could wish for.  Although getting to “Limeri” demanded a lot of stair-climbing and sweating, the views and the tranquility of its location made it one of our favorite places ever. If you prefer something closer to the town’s center, the owner has a few other rental properties that are equally beautiful and well-cared of.

Places to Stay in Poros

Limeri, Poros, Greece

(Traveller’s Tree is NOT affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by “Sto Roloi – Poros Island Houses)

12 thoughts on “Top Six Activities in Poros

    • VasilisM

      I am very glad you liked it Sue! We enjoyed our time in Poros very much. And we were very lucky with the accommodation too. The views from our terrace were amazing. We will definitely try to visit the island again next time we travel to Athens. So easy to get there by catamaran.

    • VasilisM

      Kiitos, Vilma! To be honest, we didn’t really expect to be so lucky with the weather. Even the sea was warm enough to swim. We heard that the day after our departure it started to rain.

    • VasilisM

      I usually drink ouzo on the rocks with only a few drops of water added. Some people don’t pour any water at all. It really depends on how strong you like it. Although I was born in Greece and lived there for almost 24 years before moving abroad, only in my last trip I discovered my favorite ouzo brand: “Babatzim”. It’s a family owned company, founded in 1875, in Istanbul. These days their distillery is in Macedonia, northern Greece. I don’t know if they export, but if you ever have the chance to taste it, go for it! 🙂

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