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My big fat Greek appetite and everything you need to know about “Magirío”

Finding a restaurant with vegetarian or vegan options in Greece is easy.  Traditional Greek diet consists mainly of dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, dried legumes, wild greens or grains such as barley. In many cases you will find imaginative combinations of the above, varying from one area of Greece to the other. There is a strong locality in Greek vegetarian cuisine: in Epirus you will taste delicious savory pies made by wild greens, in Santorini “fava” (puree made from split peas), in Thessaly “kapakoto” (eggplant baked in a spicy tomato sauce), in Crete “sympetherió” (legume and wheat-berry stew), and so on.

greek vegetarian food

My Big Fat Greek Salad

To quote Diane Kochilas, author of my favorite Greek vegetarian cookbook (“The Greek Vegetarian”), “the backbone of the cuisine has always been what is harvested, in either wild or cultivated form, from the earth”.

greek vegetarian food, poros, greece

The unpretentious entrance to a typical “magirío”, Poros, Greece

What is a “Magirío”?

For me the best spots to try authentic Greek vegetarian cuisine are the abundant “magiría” (plural for “magirío”). Although there is nothing fancy about them, their popularity never seems to fade. There are only but a few tables in a “magirío”, meaning that usually you get to share your table with other eaters. Locals go there usually for lunch, to eat “comfort food”, that costs close to nothing. The service is straightforward, the number of dishes limited and the “interior design”…well…”Greek” as in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” minus Nia Vardalos.

greek vegetarian food, poros, greece

A friendly smile at a “magirío”, Poros, Greece

At a “magirío” you get to choose from 4-6 different dishes. Among them there are at least 2-3 vegetarian dishes, which are usually the “old classics”: stuffed tomatoes and peppers (“gemistá”), giant beans in tomato sauce (“gigantes”), or vegetable medley (“briám”).

greek vegetarian food, poros, greece

Typical Greek vegetarian dishes, Poros, Greece

greek vegetarian food, poros, greece

Your typical “magirío”, Poros, Greece

Have you ever tried Greek vegetarian dishes? What is your favorite cuisine?

(References: “The Greek Vegetarian” by Diane Kochilas)

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    • VasilisM

      Thank you for your comment, Matt! They are definitely worth trying, if you like simple Greek food, similar to what my mother used to prepare at home. 🙂

    • VasilisM

      Thank you Esin! I will check it out. It’s true that especially in the Greek islands, people have a healthy and well-balanced diet, based on vegetables, pulses, grains, olive oil and low-fat dairy products. No wonder they enjoy an above than aberage life span. Thank you again for your input.

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