Frozen ground (Mantyhärju, Finland)

I bet you didn’t know this about Finland [Infographic]

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15 thoughts on “I bet you didn’t know this about Finland [Infographic]

    • VasilisM

      Thank Vilma! Truth is I came across this tool for creating infographics and wanted to give it a try. Didn’t turn that bad after all. Hyvää alkanutta vuotta!

    • VasilisM

      Thank you for your comment Diana. Finland is indeed a wonderful country, but winters can be tough. I moved to Helsinki 17 years ago and I still find it occasionally difficult to cope with the cold and darkness.

  1. Great info and graphics! I’m constantly surprised by how often New Zealand and Finland feature side by side in ‘the best of’ type polls. My mother will be wondering why we moved to the other side of the world when we could have stayed home in NZ! I’m glad we did though. Thanks for the tips ; )

    • VasilisM

      Thanks Melanie! I really enjoyed reading your City Guide to Helsinki. Sandro and Putte’s are two of my favorite spots in Helsinki, as well as Moko Café in Punavuori. I am originally from Greece and my love story with Helsinki will soon be 17 years old! Time really flies. Looking forward to chatting with you more in the future. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. 🙂

    • VasilisM

      I have to check that number myself one day. Maybe when I am old and have nothing else to do. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! How was your holidays in Brazil? Something tells me you couldn’t wait to come back to the winter in Europe, right? 😉

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