Movies filmed in Iceland [infographic]

Movies filmed in Iceland [Infographic]

How do I know I am an incurable geek? Because I get shivers down my spine when I see infographics. And if the infographic happens to be about traveling and cinema, then I might even go gaga. Hey! Easy now, dude! You might be a geek, but you are way into your forties too. Well, now that the “shocking” truth about my age is out there, please allow me to present an infographic on (sound of drumroll) famous movies filmed in Iceland! (sound of audience cheering).

American movies filmed in Iceland

Apparently, over ten major American sic-fi and fantasy productions have been entirely or partially shot amidst the sparkling Icelandic landscapes during the last ten years, including the upcoming and much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The makers of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” have also chosen Iceland as one of the series’ filming locations. For a comprehensive list of movies filmed in Iceland, check out the infographic at the end of the post.

Iceland, Movies filmed in Iceland

Tectonic plates drifting apart , Iceland

Popular filming locations in Iceland

Why filming in Iceland? Well, where else can you find a land blessed with dramatic waterfalls, epic views of lava fields, awe-inspiring rock formations, geothermal pools, and stunning glacial lakes crowned by the Aurora Borealis, less than five hours flight from New York? Add a sound infrastructure, political stability and a highly-educated population with a great sense of humor (the last is my own personal observation) to all the above, and you get a flawless filming set for your action or sci-fi movie.

Iceland, Jökulsárlón, Movies filmed in Iceland

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Iceland

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon was featured in both “James Bond” and “Tomp Raider”, while Dettifoss waterfall served as one of the sets for Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, just to name a few of the most popular Icelandic filming locations.

No doubt, Iceland has become a popular filming location over the past years, and here is the Icelandair’s infographic on the subject to prove it:

Movies filmed in Iceland [infographic]

Movies filmed in Iceland [infographic]

Do you know of any famous movies that were filmed in your country? I would love to hear about it. And if you have a crush on infographics just like me or enjoy having a look at them, have a look at the Snorkelling vs scuba diving in Seychelles [Infographic]I bet you didn’t know this about Finland [Infographic] or my favorite one on sustainable tourism.

8 thoughts on “Movies filmed in Iceland [Infographic]

  1. Iceland has long been on my list of countries to visit and I’m quite excited to be finally heading there this summer. Unfortunately it will be for only a couple of days and I will be unable to go east to the glacier park.

    The infographic was in a format I’ve not seen before – very interesting – but I liked the “why” section the most with the features displayed in a “chunk”. It’s much more impressive than a flat photo.

    • VasilisM

      I am very glad you enjoyed the infographic Joanne. I visited Iceland many years ago and it was only for a couple of days, like in your case. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience. I hope one day to be able to go back for at least a week, rent a car or a motorhome and drive around. Iceland is a unique destination by all means. Try to visit the Blue Lagoon, while you are there. Absolutely fantastic place. Have a great time in Iceland! Cheers!

    • VasilisM

      Thank you Sue. Oh, I am sure you would love Iceland. There is this Finnish travel blogger that spent a whole week cycling there and she absolutely loved it. The only think she didn’t tremendously enjoy were the side gusty winds, for obvious reasons…

    • VasilisM

      Hi Indah! I totally agree. I was there many years ago for a couple of days and would love to go back for longer time. Maybe rent a van and drive around with the family. Thanks for dropping by and have a great rest of the summer. Cheers! 🙂

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