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22 ways to reduce water footprint [Infographic]

As we become increasingly conscious of our environmental impact, the demand for information on how to cut our ecological footprint is intensifying. Yet, searching for quality content on sustainability that is both comprehensible and easy to share can be time consuming and occasionally challenging. When it comes to showcasing critical environmental issues, infographics could be the best available tool for  both visualizing scientific data and educate the public, all in one interactive and attractive context.

CustomeMade created a wonderful infographic on the growing global water footprint. It consists of interesting, albeit alarming, data about the water footprint of different foods (meat, dairy products, fruits, etc.) and human activities (agriculture, industries etc.). There is also a list of 22 ways to reduce our personal water footprint. And don’t forget: water scarcity affects approximately 2,8 billion people around the globe.

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The Growing Global Water Footprint

The Growing Global Water Footprint
Infographic by CustomMade

Interesting also in measuring your own water footprint? Click here!

I would love to hear your views and listen to what you do in your daily life to reduce water footprint.

6 thoughts on “22 ways to reduce water footprint [Infographic]

  1. A very powerful message about how wasteful we are. In Canada where fresh water is so abundant, we take it for granted and many don’t show it the respect it deserves.

    I wish home filtering of grey water for toilet flushing would become a new standard, especially in areas where there is so much new construction. I hope to see that in my lifetime.

    • VasilisM

      Many thanks for stopping by Joanne. Unfortunately, governments have the tendency of taking the right measures, only when it’s too late. In California, for instance, where desertification is taking its toll on animals and crops, there are still people who wouldn’t even consider switching their grass sprinklers off. Unless there is strict legislation, people would never change.

    • VasilisM

      Many thanks for stopping by! I sincerely hope we will finally be able to save our planet from our greediness. I was shocked to read the other day that up to 90% of seabirds have plastic in their guts…

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