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My big fat Greek appetite and everything you need to know about “Magirío”

Finding a restaurant with vegetarian or vegan options in Greece is easy.  Traditional Greek diet consists mainly of dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, dried legumes, wild greens or grains such as barley. In many cases you will find imaginative combinations of the above, varying from one area of Greece to the other. There is a strong locality in Greek vegetarian cuisine: in Epirus you will taste delicious savory pies made by wild greens, in Santorini “fava” (puree made from split peas), in Thessaly “kapakoto” (eggplant baked in a spicy tomato sauce), in Crete “sympetherió” (legume and wheat-berry stew), and so on.

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Baltic Herring Festival 2014, Helsinki

Baltic Herring Festival in Helsinki

Every year in early October, Helsinki’s harbor and Market Square transforms into a lively, colorful, maritime-themed set, complete with wooden fishing boats and good-looking traditional sailing boats. Fishermen from Finland’s archipelago and coastal towns and little villages, bring their latest fish catch to Helsinki to take part in the capital’s annual Baltic Herring Festival (“Silakkamarkkinat” in Finnish).

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VizEat – Sharing is Caring

Picture this: You have just arrived in your Paris hotel after a long, transatlantic flight. You are jet lagged and your back is killing you.   The sound of the raindrops on your room’s window reminds you of Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”. Not the best weather for sightseeing, but on the other hand the list of the things you have planned to see in the French capital is longer than your bucket list.

Will there be enough time? The pressure is piling up fast. Should you first go to Marais and check out the crowds or start by hitting the queues at Musée d’Orsay? Is Y’s already closed for today?

But first you need to grab a bite. You haven’t eaten anything since that lousy airline food and you are starving. But where should you go? Too confused to check what the guys in Lonely Planet are suggesting.

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