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Is Chewing Gum Harmful to the Environment? [Infographic]

Did you know that chewing gum is the world’s second most common litter after cigarette buds? Or that conventional gum does not biodegrade because it is made from polymers, which are synthetic plastics? Or most importantly, that in 2011, a British scientist invented a sustainable alternative to chewing gum called Rev7? Check out the following infographic and learn why chewing gum is harmful to the environment.

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Snorkelling vs Scuba Diving, La Digue, Seychelles

Snorkelling vs scuba diving in Seychelles [Infographic]

I just love infographics and thought of sharing with you one that I found particularly interesting. It is on snorkeling and scuba diving in Seychelles and was created by the talented folks at Builtvisible for Raffles Praslin. Expect to find lots of less known info and facts, a “Do’s and Don’ts” guide, and a colorful section on Seychelles’ exotic marine life. I especially like the concise guide about the top dive sites of the area. Did I just hear your “wanderlust alarm” going off?

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Frozen ground (Mantyhärju, Finland)

I bet you didn’t know this about Finland [Infographic]

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