Movies filmed in Iceland [infographic]

Movies filmed in Iceland [Infographic]

How do I know I am an incurable geek? Because I get shivers down my spine when I see infographics. And if the infographic happens to be about traveling and cinema, then I might even go gaga. Hey! Easy now, dude! You might be a geek, but you are way into your forties too. Well, now that the “shocking” truth about my age is out there, please allow me to present an infographic on (sound of drumroll) famous movies filmed in Iceland! (sound of audience cheering).

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London vs New York (infographic)

London vs New York [Infographic]

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts  created a fantastic “London vs New York” infographic for cinephiles, literature enthusiasts and food lovers. This means that if you find yourself in New York for Christmas and feel the unstoppable urge to do a “Meg Ryan” (yes, I am talking about that particular scene in “Harry met Sally”) right where it was actually filmed, then look no further. Here is all the info you need. Have a great weekend everyone!

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