ioannina, café, greek desserts

A feast of Greek food in Ioannina

I have been far too serious in my last few posts, so I decided to brighten the mood by inviting you to a “virtual Greek feast” in downtown Ioannina.

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Ioannina, Nisaki

Ioannina’s “nisaki”- An oasis of calmness

If you are visiting the Greek town of Ioannina, make sure you spend a few hours strolling around the islet of Lake Pamvotis or “nisaki” as the locals call it. It is an oasis of calmness, less than 15 minutes by boat from the town’s bustling centre.

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Ioannina, Epirus, Greece

Greece’s Ioannina – A crossroad of cultures, religions and tragic fates

The university town of Ioannina was not our first stop during our recent road trip through Greece‘s north-western region of Epirus, but it was undoubtedly a destination that made a vast impression on us. Bustling Ioannina with its stunning lakeside position, colorful history that spans over 1000 years, and cheerful student population is a place waiting to enchant your mind and soul. Ioannina is the perfect antidote to the crowded seaside resorts of the Ionian coast. Easily accessible and blessed with mild temperatures, the capital of Epirus is fun for solo travelers and families alike. Be careful, though! You might seriously want to relocate to Ioannina, after you try their locally made, out-of-this-world “baclava” pastry!

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