The ultimate design “outdoor loos”

Finnish countryside never ceases to amaze me, when it comes to the plethora, variety and originality of the events going on during summer. Last weekend, we visited my mother-in-law’s cottage, located near the peaceful town of Mäntyharju, approximately 2,5 hours drive from Helsinki, towards northeast. After 45 minutes of civilized socialising-the maximum amount of time I can spend with my in-laws, without ending up calling my therapist for an emergency meeting-we decided to do some exploration of the surrounding area.

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This is Roihuvuori, not Harajuku!

Hanami Festival in Helsinki

A few months ago, a classmate in my Swedish class mentioned that a Hanami (Japanese for “flower-viewing”) Festival will take place on May 18th, at the Roihuvuori Cherry Tree Park, in the outskirts of Helsinki. To be honest, I don’t really care much about flowers, unless it’s my wife’s birthday or our wedding anniversary. Then I’d better care about flowers, otherwise I might end up sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the year.

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